The First Blog!

Why Blog As A Business?

To be honest, the most simple reason to blog is to add content to your website. Fresh content is good for so many reasons; SEO, updating customers on current happenings, teaching others valuable skills, and even just to let your customers know that you’re still there and working for them. But a blog can be much more than just content on a screen. If there is an important issue in your business’s local community or a huge announcement your business needs to make, posting a public blog could be super useful in communicating to both customers and potential customers.

Customers First

The customer should always be at the forefront of what the business thinks about. At Raise, we believe that the customer is always first. It is vitally important to us that a customer is happy with the outcome of our work. This means that every suggestion, consultation, and work effort is thoughtfully provided and executed. We want our quality of work and communication to exceed the expectations of the customer. Whereas we keep our end of a contract, we hope and are excited to work to exceed what is listed as a baseline of requirement outlined in it. This is yet another reason we hope to utilize a frequent blog to help keep our customers up to date about what Raise is thinking and hoping to accomplish over time.

Our Vision

Our vision will always be to see other businesses win with technology. There are so many options available that all do so many different things. Often this results in a business getting lost in what what they are hoping to accomplish and instead focusing on what is the best technology to solve whatever problem is in front of them. At Raise, we want to flip that script. We want to take those business problems and offer the best solution that fits and is cost effective. We don’t want any marketing fluff to distract from our customers getting the best solution to their problem.

Mission Statement

To elevate other teams, businesses, and people to achieve the best results by implementing the best technology solutions.

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